Colorful Beaded oversized statement brooch "The Heroine/ Lāčplēsene"

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This playful and bright brooch is a feminist remake of an ancient Nordic hero (who was a guy) to a heroine - because women often are undervalued heroes.

her name is Lāčplēsene and she is a simbol of womenly strenght and ambition, that we can all use once in a while!

This beaded brooch is made from colorful seed beads and its appropriate for many occasions. 

Its 12 cm (4,7 inches) wide at its widest points and 8 cm (3,2 inches) high at its highest points. 

The beads are sewn on thin (double layered) felt and is attachable to your clothing (bag or anything else you like to) with at least two usual brooch pins. 

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