I love designing and making accessories, but one day I decided that I should give my clients opportunity to see, understand and learn the process I am gong through, by creating accessory on their own. 

I offer workshops of different lenght and different level of complexity: 

There is one that is 2 -3 h long, and offers a participant to make a small pin or earrings, choosing from allready premade template, just to get a taste of the work I do to create my accessories. 

There is one that is a bit longer (4 - 5 h) and tho the content of the worshp is the same, participant can create a bit bigger accessory for them selves. 

Then there is one, that takes full day, during which the participant goes through hole process of creativity and design, starting from absolute scratch, with pen and paper and design, and ending up with the finished product. 

* all of these workshops we can tur into a private parties as well, if you need some activities for birthdays, bachelorette or other parties with your friends. 

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