Rainbow Lāčplēsene/ Heroine - Black Organic Oversized Unisex Tshirt with Colorful Print

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Lāčplēsene or Nordic Heroine keeps a special place in my heart, because she reminds me of the notion that I can be a hero of my own life. While looking for some inspiration inside the history of strong and world chanigh women, so I can dedicate a dress to them I was reading into women that played an important role in the development of LGTBQ rights. I came across two of them that are considered to be beginning of the modern LGTBQ+ movement - Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera. I wanted to name a dress after them, but also design and hand print a special fabric for that dress, and that is how the slinky like rainbow colored Lāčplēsene print was born. As I am born in 80s and was a child in 90s Post Soviet country slinky was a toy to aspire to. That is why the hypnotic movement and bright colors of the toy are still such an inspiration. As I am privileged enough to be heterosexual cis women in this world and, sure always could do more to support and help groups that are not so privileged. But with this colorful psyhodelic T shirt just wanted to humbly say, that loves all women regardless of their origins, sexuality, sex assignment, skin color, shape, size etc. We love you for the things you do and the persons you have become, and all of you are heroines to us! 

It is a special organic cotton Tshirt made from lught fabric and a bit oversized style made by Belgian company Stenley and Stella. They are Organicly certified and vegan friendly.. And now they are also.. FEMINIST FRIENDLY!

The colirful Lāčplēsene portraits are screenprinted directly on the fabric by hand each color separately.

The style is a bit oversized unisex style, so if you want it to be more body hugging, choose size down!

The female model is wearing size L for oversized look (and usually wears womens size M/L) and male model is wearing size L (and is usally wearing size L) 



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