Handprinted Lāčplēsene Pattern Camel Linen Blend Wide Statement Japanese Style Minimalist Culottes in 4/5 Lenght and Cargo Pockets

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Only 2 pieces made (and onky one left) from this super special fabric! The handprinted pattern Lāčplēsene and rose pattern on the Camel toned linen blend fabric and the added cargo pockets gives the feeling of glamorous urban safari. 

Make a fashion statement, while still feeling so cool and comfy. 

They are very elegant and still super fun and cool looking. The linen blend fabric looks fancy and is so nice to touch and perfect to wear all year long. The design of culottes is very special, they are wide in 4/5 lenght an high waisted, so look super classy.

They are perfect for all the occasions that you can think of - starting from parties and continuing with simple everyday endeavours. 

And they have POCKETS!!!

One size fits most - the halter is elastic, so the shirt will fit from size 36 - 44 (just need to adjust the elastic band)! But we kan make smaller or larger sized to your measurements. 

The culottes are about 92 cm long


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