Oversized Statement Shirt Dress in Black and White Check Print and Full Lenght Statement Sleves

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The one you can wear where ever life brings you - thet every day dress that turns into party dress in an instant. Wear it with tights as a dress, or with pants as a tunic shirt, with or without belt - the possibilites are so many. An it has pockets!

This is a special addition to previous oversized shirt dresses, but this one has special full lenght statement sleves. The fabric is super cool black and white cheched print and is 100% cotton.  

The design of the dress combines comfort and style and resembles the aesthetics of Japaneese design. It looks fun, elegant and confident at the same time.

The dress also is suitable for wearing in all seasons, as you can wear as a dress in summer with anything under it, but also as a oversized shirt in winter with pants, leggings or thights under it. Even a lght turtleneck sweater can go under the dress to keep you warm in the winter without loosing the design of the dress. 

  The design of the dress is oversized, so the choice of the size depends on how long and how oversized do you want the dress. 

Size S of the dress would fit sizes small 34 - 36

Size M - large 36 - small 42

Size L - 42 - small 46

I am 175 cm tall, and I am wearing that versatile size M on me. 

!!! This dress is made to order, so whenchosing the size, don't hesitate to write me a letter to and send me your measurements and we'll deside which of the sizes fits best for you and adjust anything if needed. 

All the dresses are handmade here in Riga, made of stretchy quality velvet and the designs are thought through, so they are very comfy and also cool looking and real statement pieces.