Oversized One of a Kind Mismatched Statement Earrings with Oversized Crystals “I'll Give You Moon and a Star“

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"I'll Give You Moon and A Star" is a one of a kind statement piece made as a part of designs made to humorously look at the cliché well known sayings and phrases.

I almost perversely love clichés - the symbols, the sayings, the tones of written or spoken language. A I am also fascinated in clichés of style - how people dress and style them selves so perfectly, as almost from the fashion pages, that it becomes so boring and so fake. The style that seems so serious, there is no space for self humour. This perfect makes me be curious about the person. Is the cliché outside also present inside? Can there be any humour in the clichés? If not, I want to bring it in. 

“I`ll Give You Moon and A Star“ is a pair of one of a kind (some others alike may be made, but not perfectly the same) glamourous oversized (and I mean oversized) earrings in gold black and shades of purple high quality glass beads in addition with teal green crystals and large pieces of high quality crystals (for the cliché drama). They are fitted with sterling silver studs. 

The theme of the earrings is a play on the highly romantic saying “I'll give you moon and stars“ but in this case.. The star is only one, because.. Who would bother, right? And also it is a perfectly quirky way of really someone showing your love of giving that Moon and that Star. 

So, enjoy the original design, the 100% handmade craft and the thought that went into them and have fun in life, especially during these times. 

The earrings are 7-8 cm large. 

Made from double layered felt base, high quality glass beads and crystals, fitted with sterling silver studs.  They are very light considering the size. 



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