Vintage 90's Style Graphic Designer and Artist Colorful Pencil Print One Size Fits All Wide Skirt - A Minimalist Dream

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When you need a piece in your closet, that would be wearable all year long and in so many occasions, these are perfect for that. Tho the cotton fabric is flowy and light you can wear them during colder seasons as well. In the summer time these will be your favourite ones - they look cool both in the festive events or in every day endeavours. I would say - a true minimalist lifestyle piece. 

One size fits most - the halter is elastic, so the shirt will fit from size 36 - 44!

They are made of good quality patterned cotton fabric, that is soft, light, flowy and a bit silky on touch. 

The skirt in this fabric is totally a one of a kind piece! So there is an another reason to feel special and unique!

They are one size. The waist line is constructed on elastic band. The skirt are about 75 cm long.