Summer 2020 - Channel the Heroine- Lāčplēsene

I always wanted to create a collection that would be a dedication or a ode to those strong, inspirational women that has changed, and still is changing the world. 

To be honest we don't have to look far to see them - all of us have them in our lives, in a form of a mother, sister, friend, teacher, colleague or just a mere acquaintance - but this time I looked for THE icons. The ones we all know, or at least we all should know, to understand better the journey of a women in the history of the world. 

The process of creating a concept collection for me is a true adventure and a research. I think of the overall topic, and then the digging into a concept, symbolism and substance begins.

The beginning of this collection is found, well..if we see the question philosophically - in my childhood, but if more pragmatically about a year after I started my podcast Lāčplēsene. I really wanted to pay tribute to all the women, that very often are neglected to be recognised as inventors, creators, driving-forces and heroines of the situations and happenings. 

We sometimes read the stories of different women and think of the qualities they posses and want to channel them - the women and the qualities, either in every day life or in specific situations. That is why I started this collection with the list of a qualities that a modern heroine must posses. I asked my followers for the answers and thought of them my self and about ten over-standing qualities poped up -