In addition on creating a design that is full of thought and statements, I have decided that I need to become more socially active and empower more and more women. I decided to do it by using technology!

I have decided to make a podcast! It is called "Lāčplēsene"* and every episode is going to be a conversation with one or more wonderful women tht inspire me and hopefully will inspire you as well! 

* Lāčplēsene is a female fictional character created by yours truly as a response to an ancient male fictional Latvian character (a hero) Lāčplēsis created long time ago. 
My Lāčplēsene is a women, every day hero and a representation of the authentic self - strong, driven, independent, but also with her weaknesses.

Listen to Lāčplēsene podcast Season 1 (in Latvian)

Listen to Lāčplēsēne podcast Season 2 (in Latvian)

Listen to Lāčplēsēne podcast Season 3 (in Latvian)