Season 1

Season 1 of Podcast LĀČPLĒSENE

This is a humble and some what unprofessional (with ambitions to change that) beginning of something hopefully bigger than me.podcast
First season featuring inspirational women around me. Most of the luckily I can call my friends. Somehow it seems like bragging, but I am truly blessed of knowing so many wonderful woman.
Creaton of tribe LĀČPLĒSENE that would start its own life and inspire more and more women.
* Lāčplēsene is a female fictional character created by yours truly as a response to an ancient male fictional Latvian character (a hero) Lāčplēsis created long time ago.
My Lāčplēsene is a women, every day hero and a representation of the authentic self - strong, driven, independent, but also with her weaknesses


01_episode with Eva Johansone     02_episode with Agnese Kleina    03_episode with Liene Jurgelāne

Dita Miska    

04_episode with Dita Miska             05_episode with Diāna Stupele       06_episode with Anita Siliņa


07_ep. with Ilze Lasmane-Brože   08_ep. Māra Upmane-Holšteine       09_ep. with Olga Dragiļeva

Alise Dīrika podkāstā Lāčplēsene  Liega Zelgalve podkāstā Lāčplēsene  Liva Apermane podkasta Lacplesene

10_episode with Alise Dīrika           11_episode with Liega Zelgalve      12_episode with Līva Apermane

  Elīna Stelcere podkāstā Lāčplēsene  Karmena Sepanova podkāstā Lāčplēsene

13_episode with Elīna Berklava      14_episode with Elīna Stelcere    15_episode with Karmena Stepanova

Lelde Ceriņa podkāstā Lāčplēsene  Ilze Tigule un Sabīne Vikmane podkāstā Lāčplēsene

16_episode_with Lelde Ceriņa     17_ep. Ilze Tigule & Sabīne Vekmane