The collection is about change, change you have to be aware of, you have to embrace, because world changes. Never ever has world been so full of freedom and opportunities. Never ever has it been so opened to change.

Should you look at the past critically, or it should be perceived as proven formula on how one should live? Which traditions are meaningful and encourages the development of the world and which we should leave in the past? We should be able to separate things to whom adapt, from things we should stand against!

Accessories are inspired by nine wonderful people in my life, whom I am proud to know, love, respect and learn from. They all are people, who stand up against the stereotypical order of the world. They all fight for change, so they would leave a world a better place after themselves. They are people that inspire me. Inspire for change. As they are inspired for something or someone. I am sure they will inspire you as well. And that is how the word will go on, by changing for good.