Hidden Treasures of Your Own Kingdom

Summer 2014 will change everything. The sky will open, royal velvet pillows will fall, birds will sing and dance just for You. In Summer 2014 You, my dear lady, will become the Queen and you, handsome gentleman, will become the King.
Why not?
For so many years you have been told to sit in straight lines and talk only when asked. This ends in Summer 2014. The old Queen is dead. Talk now and talk out loud, be colorful, be inspiring.
Before Summer 2014 world was a sad place. Humans were not really humane, freedom was not really freedom. You did what you were told to. You were told to obey, told to honor more important people than you. And you did.
But it is Summer 2014 now. It ends now. There is new King, there is new Queen, who will give you your freedom back. You will be free like a bird, you will become colorful, you will be more humane. There are hidden treasures in your own inner kingdom, you are here to reveal them. Why not?