Concept accessories and clothing with distinct social and visual objective- to question the status quo. Feminism, equality and mutual tolerance are the main values that are held dear while creating the accessories and clothing. The most important thing inspiring pieces of is the interaction between colors, nature, and people. Accessories and clothing with a statement for people with distinctive personalities – the ones who are willing to cross borders, make a statement and be ironic regarding themselves. was founded in the summer of 2010 when the brand’s designer Malvine Mennika decided that the best media for expressing her opinion on the things that are important, while playing a little bit with them, are concept accessories. Since then the brand has added clothing to their product choice. Still all of the pieces are completely handmade and most of them in limited edition or even one of a kind.
100% of the designs are original and unique, because compleatly created by Malvine. 99% off the pieces are hand made locally in very small amounts. thats make them super special and we promise - it will make you feel super special!

Our dream is to leave the world changed. By inspiring people to take action, to venture showing their attitude in style or just to encourage the philosophical discussion within oneself.