The Brave Me

The autumn–winter 2015/16 collection «The Brave Me» by «I’m Your Shirt» is based on various fairy tale characters that often appear as costumes at fancy dress parties. Accessories by jewellery designer Malvīne Mennika complement the shirts, blouses and dresses.


Clothing brand «I’m Your Shirt» continues collaborations with other creative minds in their seasonal capsule collections  — the spring–summer «Night Work» featured prints by the painter and illustrator Zane Veldre, but the autumn–winter collection «The Brave Me» is made together with jewellery artist Malvine Mennika. Items in the collection resemble various characters: a penguin, a rabbit, Little Red Riding Hood, Tin Soldier, and others, and for each of them Malvīne has created an inventive brooch or a gorgeous hair pin. Indra Miklāva, designer of «I’m Your Shirt», says «As soon as I had found the inspiration for the collection, and the theme started to develop, it became clear to me that Malvīne will be the best companion on the road towards the result. I’ve always liked witty details or deliberate errors, and it’s very easy and pleasant to work with someone who thinks alike!»

Indra was inspired by stories from her childhood — stories about Christmas fancy dress parties at the kindergarten or at a children’s dance group. Back in the day, when the ears of a rabbit or the tail of a squirrel couldn’t simply be bought at a shop, mothers fashioned costumes out of wires, foam and crepe paper, bringing joy (or disappointment) to their kids. As adults, people continue the masquerade, for it is easier to gather courage when you’re dressed as something or somebody else.

«This collection and collaboration was complete magic to me. I tried to take in Indra’s creativity and professionalism in large sips. I think, the fine asceticism of «I’m Your Shirt» goes together well with the awkward naivety of my jewellery. The sophisticated penguin plus little herring equals love,» Malvīne Mennika comments on the teamwork.