Black Linen Blend Queens Dress in Handprinted Statement Fabric

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This I call the dress of the real QUEEN! Full of statements and strength and printed with gold. What else would you call a queens dress? 

About the design: it's long middi with longer back tail and a bit shorter from, empathize that drama even more. Long sleeves are made a but wider than usually so you can easily roll up your sleeves and go about your queen life making the world a better place. The military style sand collar and shoulder details make it even more powerful. You can wear the dress loose in the waist or with your favorite buckle belt.

About the fabric: the dress is made from linen blend fabric and is designed handrpinted by yours truly in the best Screenprinting Studio here in Riga -Luste screenprinting. The large golden areas just adds to the matureness and strength of the design, the Heroine aka Lāčplēsene portrait is just another reminder of the strength you have inside, power on the outside and the you are the hero character of your own life.

...and now about the statement -MONEY MAKES ME ROMANTIC, historicaly in reality it is a quote from 1960s movie Countess of Hong Kong. In my world this print comes from a wonderful and quirky and high quality Latvian underwear brand Lickstarter Liega the owner of this company and actual owner of the print print has allowed me to use it and to tell this story of women and money. When I first saw the print I immediately connected with it  because  it reflects the feelings of a (small) business owner and the safeness that money gives when you earn it with your sweat, blood and tears by actually exposing your self in all the world's elements and by actually never stopping to work, because your business baby is always in your head. But then I thought of a broader meaning of this. The emancipation of women and that shaming women of wanting to earn the money and the independence that money brings has to be put to stop. Women also can enjoy earning the big buck and be proud of that. Money does not have to be the main goal of it all (or it does), but it can also be the sweet means of living that life you are independant and happy in. Sure, this statement should not be taken without a pinch of humor, but also..let's not demonize the independence and joy one can get by earning that cash and having it give you that freedom. 

The dress is MADE TO ORDER and will be made based on your measures (you are going to have to measure your self) and will be made in 2 -3 weeks based on the business of the team.


The model (hello, yes, that's me) is wearing size M (I am 175 cm tall and usually choose size M or L clothing)

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