Black Linen Space Warrior Princess Dress with Naked Arm Sleeve Detail - for All Seasons

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This dress has a typical Space Warrior Princess design, just added a special sleeve detail, that makes the dress more of a statement. As it is all made from linen its perfect for all seasons. The powerful feeling while wearing the dress is hard to miss, tho the sleeve details is a true statement it won't leave you feeling exposed. 

Play with the styling by adding your favourit leather (or faux leather) belt and you'll get a dress that looks compleatly diferent. 

All linen and all black - its hard to find a cooler dress than that! A minimalist dream, because it is so versatile and wearable all year long! 

The dress is handmade in Riga by using high quality Baltic (Lithuanian) linen.

The dress is perfect for wearing it every day, but as it is pretty transformable - you can wear it as tunica with trousers or jeans, wear it as a wide and comfy shirt dress and use your own favourte belt to make a more elegant dress out of it, by using the secret hidden belt houlders in forn under the big pockets and on the back!

The model (yes, yes, that's me) is 175 cm tall and is wearing size M.