Black Semiwool Wide Culottes with Fine Red Line Patterned 1920s Victorian style Suit Fabric

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These are super special, fun, cool looking, but very very warm wide high waisted culottes. They are made from warm and firm 1920's style mens suit semiwool fabric. They are perfect for all the occasions that you can think of - starting from parties and continuing with simple everyday endeavours. They are comfortable and very warm. 

And they have POCKETS!!!

They look almost like skirt, but they give you the comfort and warmth of pants.

One size fits most - the halter is elastic, so the shirt will fit from size 36 - 44 (just need to adjust the elastic band)!

Did I allready say?- They are made of warm semiwool fabric.

They are one size. The waist line is constructed on elastic band. The culottes are about 75 cm long. 

These Culottes are READY TO SHIP!