One of a Kind Light Cream/Brown Fun and Cool Short Sleeved Shirt Dress with Wide Skirt Part in Handprinted Patterned Fabric and many Pockets

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One of a kind and ready to ship only in size M/L (EU sizes Tall 38-42/44)

This special handmade short sleeves shirt dress in Handprinted Lāčplēsene Fabric. 

It has 4 pockets (in the side seam and on the dress).

It's made from high quality light cotton fabric with colorful Lāčplēsene print. 

The dress is in long/midi length (skirt part starts on high waist and is about 88 cm long).

The dress has buttons on the upper shirt part of dress. 


Always try choose handmade and local products to support designers and dressmakers around you. We will appreciated it.