One Of a Kind Size M Handprinted Heroine Light Brown and Golden Linen Blend Party Dress

Sale price €65.00 Regular price €125.00

This special linen party dress is a true from summer to winter piece. It's made from light brown linen fabric, that has a golden sheer on it and hendprinted Heroines - Lāčplesenes. It is made only in one piece in size M and available right away. 

You can wear it as  a light summer dress or as a dress over something during colder seasons. The options are so many.

The dress design has a V neck in front and in back and a fluffy skirt part starting from the high waist. It is designed as a summer dress in genereal, but can be warn as a sarafan on colder seasons witha blouse or sweater underneath. 

The dress is made from linen blend (linen and viscose) fabric and the pattern is handprinted for each dress separately using screenprint technique ❤️


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