Grey Oversized Textured Linen and Wool Blend Kimono Jacket - Perfect Minimalist Piece (without belt)

Sale price €45.00 Regular price €85.00

This special grey textured linen and wool blend kimono jacket is a perfect minimalist piece for capsule waredrobe. The fabric has a beautiful pattern with light yellow and brick orange crossing lines (large checks). The wonderful properties of linen and wool blend fabric is perfect for wearing the piece all year long - during wintertime as a inside jacket, during summer wear it as an outside jacket. 

Note that this sale item is WITHOUT BELT (the fabric was just enough for one more piece, but not for belt, but you can be creative and use other belt, you have ar home already) 

This piece is made to be slightly oversized and you can make it more fitted with the help of sleeves. 

The size M would fit perfectly for sizes 38 - 42.