Puff Shoulder Handprinted One of A Kind Light Grey Button Up Shirt Dress with Puff Sleeves in Linen Fabric

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The most important thing about this dress that this piece is ONE OF A KIND. One dress made in this design and in this fabric. Made in size M will fit a person usually wearing womens size 36 - 40

This is super feminine and fun and super comfortable. You'll feel like a fun and cool woman. The design feels great as it is midi lenght and feels loose and comfortable, but does not look oversized. The pockets not only look super ornamental, but are very practical as well. Wear it with or without belt (the belt comes with a dress) and change the looks of the dress with the styling.

It will become your favourite dress, with no doubt. 

For all of you fun loving criminals.. Or actually.. For only one of you, because it really is one if a kind!

The original drawings of Malvine are special and fun and are handprinted on the light grey linen fabric by Malvine in Luste screenprint studio.

The fabric is light, bet not very thin. 100% linen.

Bust 49 cm

Lenght from high waist 71 cm



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