Unisex statement Tote bag BETTER THAN YESTERDAY'S SELF

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This statement and collection was created while I was training for my first full Marathon. I made a commitment to my self and others. I believe that making this commitment - and not only talking about running a marathon- makes you grow by every minute. I am talking about every big and small target in your life. Just be a better person. Be more loving and caring and do a little better than yesterday! And I don't mean it as a classical self-help sh* I mean it in super personal level. In level only you yourself can know and understand.

The design is super special - screen printed using two colors. 

This originally designed print on tote bag made from 100% black cotton.

Its 41 cm (about 16 inches) high and 38 cm (about 15 inches) wide. And the handles are 60 cm (about 23,6 inches) long - so the bag can be easily carried on shoulder.

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