Zero Waste Patch Work Hanten Jacket in Cotton and Linen with Cotton Satin Lining in Purple and Dark Blue

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The special one of a kind piece - Japanese Hanten jacket - made from fabric leftovers that pile up after making a lot of dresses and cullotes and kimonos. 

I am a sucker in that way, it is hard for me to throw away those leftovers, so I have a lot of them. One day I decided that they have to become something new and as I love these super cool looking and comfortable Japanese Hanten jackets I put together the pieces and colors that go well together and we created something new from..basically.. trash. Beautiful, but trash.

This is a total one of a kind and zero waste product that is made meticulously putting together scraps of fabric and to make it more fancy and glamorous we put in a satin cotton lining for more comfortable and prolonged use. And they, of course, have pockets!

This is size M, but as they are pretty much ONE SIZE FITS MOST kind of cut, they would fit EU sizes 36 - 42 (US sizes 8-16). We can make smaller or larger, but you'll have to understand that no jacket is the same. We'll have to make new combinations just for you.