Dark Green and Yellow Checked Cotton All Season Culottes. Perfect for Active Beauty Loving Woman

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Here they are - the marrige between beauty and comfort. 

They are both very elegant and still super fun and cool looking. The light but firm cotton fabric (with a littlr add if elastine that makes it more comfy and you don't need to iron them) is nice to touch. The design of culottes is very special, they are super wide, so they totally reasemble skirt and they are high waisted, so look super classy.

They are perfect for all the occasions that you can think of - starting from parties and continuing with simple everyday endeavours. 

And they have POCKETS!!!

One size fits most - the halter is elastic, so the shirt will fit from size 36 - 44 (just need to adjust the elastic band)!

The culottes are about 78 cm long. 

These Culottes are READY TO SHIP!