Elegant, Sexy und Fun Concept Black Linen V Neck and Back Straight Dress for All Life Occasions

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This cool looking black linen dress with V neck and V back is perfect for all life situations and all seasons. Wear it as it is in summer, or put a tshirt or light sweater under, to wear it in colder seasons. It has a pretty deep V cut in the front and back and its straight shape will complement your body. It has two oversized ornamental and practical pockets swen on the dress.

Its made of linen, so that means - natural fabric with all its wonderful qualities - cooling in summer and warming in winter and opposed to cotton it won't stick to your tights or pants. 

The sizes S, M, L are the basic sizes we are producing, but as the dress is made to order, we will make a dress in ANY size according your individual body mesurements. 

When designing my poroducts  strive to make a perfect piece - a combination of good design and quality materials. I believe in slow fashion and that you can wear one quality and good design piece of clothing for much more than one season. 

I am 175 cm tall, and I am wearing that versatile size M on me.