Forest Green One of a Kind Linen Heroine Dress with Black Hand Printed Lscplesene/Heroine Pattern and Black Linen Details

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This is a super special one of a kind on a whole world dress made in size S. 

Its super minimalist design and strong black details (including the ornamental and super functional pockets in front) screams for confidence.

Ithis is a super cool dress you can wear to any occasion and also wear it either as a dress with tights or with pants as tunica. As it is made from linen, you can wear it all year long (well, maybe not in the hottest days of summer, while it has long sleves, but otherwise... All year long) 

Its made from high quality linen and the forest green part of the dress covered wirh hand pribted Lāčplēsenes/Heroines.

Size S would fit sizes large 34/36/ small 38

In the last two pictures you can see the same design dress on me (hence the black shoukder details and the color). The belt comes with the dress. 

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