Necklace and bracelet set "Flying Penguin"

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Don’t be afraid to be special!

This set consists of two items: necklace and bracelet. It’s playful and serious (because of classical black and white combination) at the same time. It’s really special - I promise that there will be none with such necklace where ever you go :) It’s comfortable and you can wear it to work or to party. It will make you feel more confident about yourself, because you will always be having a friend with a strong character with you.

If only penguins could fly. They can with a little piece of imagination. This necklace is inspired by energy and beauty of those little black and white creatures as well as by all the possible "impossible" things :)

The necklace is made of black, white, orange and grey beads. In the base I used double layer of felt. The satin braid is made from grey, bright green, neon yellow, neon orange, neon pink, bright blue, purple satin and polyester bands. To fasten the necklace I used the lobster snap with the chain to adjust the size of necklace.

The braid used in the bracelet is the same as in necklace and there are black round elastic bands used so it’s easier to put it on.

The penguin in necklace is 16 X 8 cm (6,3 X 3,2 inches) big in its widest points.

The length of necklace is 43 cm (16.9 inches) + extra 8 cm (3,2 inches) in chain

The circuit of bracelet is 22 cm (8,7 inches) (it is not adjustable, so if you need different size please contact me, but NOTE that there are elastic bands used so it’s easier to put it on - if your wrist circuit is not bigger than 22 cm it will fit you)


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