Oversized Statement Earrings with Mystical All Feeling Eyes

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These are a cool every day statement piece. They are oversized, but are very comfortable and fit naturally to your face. They don't dangle or hang akwardly. Just a wonderful statement piece!

I made the design while thinking about the things we see with our eyes and about things we actually see and feel with our hearts. I truly believe that empathy is a skill that needs to be developed and learned. Otherwise is this world if selfies we sometimes tend not to look further than our own noses! Let's be more emphatic, let's try to understand the experiences and feelings of others. We'll connect more and will feel more comfortable in this world!

The earrings are in a shape of a water drop with a design of an eye in them. They are made from double layered felt and high quality glass beads and crystals. They are 5,7 cm high and 4,7 cm wide and super light because the base of them are made from felt.

The stud is made from nickel free metal alloy, but you can upgrade to steling silver stud, if needed (extra 10 EUR). If you need an upgrade please cobtact me 

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