Strong, Fun and Beautiful Dark Tartan Print Midi Cotton Space Warrior Princess Dress with Black Cotton Details

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This design is one of my favourites, because for me it embodies both playfulness and undenieable strenght. Its romantic and inciseve. If you are familiar with my designs, you might know that the opposite poles are my favourite things to play with when creating designs. 

The dress is super comfy and the feeling is very powerful in the dress. The tartan fabric is playful and somewhat gives a vintage feeling to the dress, and on the other hand, the black details and exaggareted shoulder details makes it look a bit futuristic. 

I am 175 cm tall, and I am wearing size M on me. 

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All the dresses are handmade here in Riga, made of stretchy quality velvet and the designs are thought through, so they are very comfy and also cool looking and real statement pieces.