Transformer piece for all seasons - Cold Shoulder Grey Linen kimono wrap dress with Bright Red Linen Details

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This is a special one. 

Made from 100 % grey melange linen fabric with bright red linen details. It's  wearable in so many different ways - as a vest/ jacket or as a dress on your favourite sweater or blouse. 

Its perfect as a evening piece to some stylish party or fits as a super comfy add on to your every day looks. And it will look super beautiful as a little black cocktail dress with heels and on bare skin. 

 This piece is made only in 2 pieces in whole world in sizes S and M

Size S would fit size 36

Size M would fit sizes 38 - 40

The model (jup, thats me :D) is wearing size M and this is size I would choose if I would buy this for me (I am 175 cm tall).