Unisex statement Tote bag

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FEMINISM IS UNISEX, at least I truly believe it should be. Everyone on this planet should believe and fight for equal gender rights. Every one should be able to embrace their gender the way they feel to, and not be judged for that. Everyone should be equal withing their opportunities, rights and expectations towards them.
That is the reason I created this unisex line - F* the Gender (F* stands for * forget, of course, you tainted mind) and the first collection of it is a true statement collection called (as you see) - FEMINISM IS UNISEX

This originally designed print on tote bag made from 100% black cotton.

Its 41 cm (about 16 inches) high and 38 cm (about 15 inches) wide. And the handles are 60 cm (about 23,6 inches) long - so the bag can be easily carried on shoulder.

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