Yayoi Kusama Inspired - Oversized Hand Printed Pattern Lāčplēsene/Heroine Cotton Dress for every occasion

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Wear this one with the joy and the feel of natural sexiness. This special oversized cotton dress is a perfect choice if you are looking for oversized dress that you will be able to wear as a statement.  

The design of the hand printed fabric is inspired by Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama. Her colourful pieces of art and bold installations are hypnotizing to explore. 

The design of the dress comes from previous years, but in my mind it so naturally fell with the fabric and the cause of inspiration, the oh so talented Artist from Japan. 

This dress is made of specially designed and handprinted cotton fabric. Because I love zero waste idea I used already patterned fabric I bought few years ago as a base of that new colourful Lāčplēsene/Heroine pattern. 

Size M ready to ship!!!

The model (yes yes, its me) is wearing size M. I am 175 cm tall, and this size would fit a lot of women, because it would fit one usually wearing size 36 (tho I would suggest that you should not be shorter than 170 cm) till one usually wearing size 42 or 44. 

Other sizes are made to order (we'll make the dress according to your individual sizes). 

For this oversized dress

Size S fits sizes 32 - 38

Size M fits sizes 36 - 42/44

Size L fits sizes 44 - 48

The dress in the cut horizontal line on the waist is 62 cm (x2 - around) - so you got the idea about the oversized nature of the dress. 

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