Unisex pin "Red Ribbon"

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The pin is a beaded version of the world iconic RED Ribbon- a symbol of support of the fight against HIV/AIDS! Wear it proudly to support everyone affected by HIV/AIDS

The pin is 7cm tall and 5 cm wide!

Choose more than one pin from the collection and get a discount!

!!!!!Use Cupone code MORE STATEMENTS at the check out when buying 2 and more pins ad get 10 % discount!

This Winter 17/18 collection is all about having fun the 90's style and telling your story!

I believe that each small step towards the aim, ether its towards better self or better surroundings is important.

This time I am not telling you my story, but encouraging to tell yours. Use these fun and colorful pins to tell the world who you are and what you believe in. 

You can choose one or many, all depends on your style, mood and story!

And the very important thing this time - this is the first fully UNISEX collection, so fun having for everyone is guaranteed!


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