Feminism is Unisex - Black Organic Oversized Unisex Tshirt with Bronze Print

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Feminisn is Unisex is a slogan I created 10 years ago and still I think it is as importamt as ever!

This is a special organic cotton Tshirt made from lught fabric and a bit oversized style made by Belgian company Stenley and Stella. They are Organicly certified and vegan friendly.. And now they are also.. FEMINIST FRIENDLY!

The white lettering is screenprinted directly on the fabric by hand.

The style is a bit oversized unisex style, so if you want it to be more body hugging, choose size down!

The female model is wearing size S (and usually wears womens size M/L) and male model is wearing size L (and is usally wearing size L) 



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