Beautiful, Comfortable, Easy to Wear and Versetile Oversized Shirt Dress in Millenial Pink and Dark Green Jungle Print in Linen - Cotton blend Fabric

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This one is one of my personal favourites. Its made from soft and wonderful linen and cotton blend fabric. Its cool paterned fabric with jungle print featuring such animals as elephants and tigers in light pink and dark eathy green color. It looks so fun, but so strog at the same time. 

It's comfy, but still looking strong and confident and most importantly - super versatile. That means it is a perfect piece for capsule wardrobe. You can wear it as a shirt with pants, leggings or skirt, or as a dress on its own, and then there is that belt option - with or without it, and it also shanges the look of the dress. 

The sleeves are 4/5 lenght (so, a bit longer than 3/4) and the whole cut of the dress is oversized, so it would with niceley to a big size 36 till small 42. 

For now this is the only piece of this dress available, and in this fabric - the only one left. 

I am 175 cm tall, and I am wearing that versatile size M on me.