Elegant and Super Cool Wool Blend Tartan suit With Wide Culottes and Kimono Style Jacket

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This was a dream of mine since forever, a tartan suit, just as strong in style the suit must be and just as feminine in design, so one would love to wear every day on so many occasions. 

The jacket is kimno styled with belt, so it soes not have classical buttons, butr rather you are free to wear it however you like and with what ever you like. The jacket has side pockets and 4/5 lenght sleves. 

The cullotes are high rise and are also not in fill lenght. They have side pockets and  one size fits many - the halter is elastic, so the shirt will fit from size 36 - 44 (just need to adjust the elastic band)!

The material is high quality wool blend tartan fabric. Sensitive care required for ot to continue to be your best companion through years. 

3 sizes available for this suite, tho it is fluid in exact size, while the fit is a bit oversized. 

the size M (that I am wearing and that is ready to ship) would fit EU sizes 36 - 40

Size S would fit sizes 34 - 36

Size L would fit sizes 40 - 44

If the piece is made to order, I would love t get your measurements, to help ypu choose the right size and taylor the suite right to your body and liking. 

All the pieces are handmade here in Riga, made of stretchy quality velvet and the designs are thought through, so they are very comfy and also cool looking and real statement pieces.