Fun and Cool Cotton summer dress - Mary Anning - made from handprinted fabric

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Mary Anning (1799 - 1847) was a English fossil collector, fossil dealer and palaeontologist. She did a lot of very significant discoveries thanks to her tiresome fossil finding expeditions on the coast of England. She was the first to discover a full skeleton of  Plesiosaurus. Do you know the children's rhyme - She sells sea shells on a sea shore....? Well, that's about her!

This light cotton fabric I bought 2 summers ago and finally decided to give it a second life by hand printing a heroines/Lāčplēsenes on it and making it more special and fun.

The dress it self is a new design, by combining strong details with fun and comfort. The split in the back makes it a bit sexy. The dress is combination of styles and it self is a true transformer - it can be warn every day with sneakers, and also to some cool summer's party. 

Size M is READY TO SHIP other sizes will be made according to your measurements after the order.