Space Warrior Princess Black and White linen dress

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This is for all seasons. Made from black and white patterned linen and black details. This is one of my favourites. 

Super comfy and looks super fancy. The long sleeves makes it for all seasons - will be perfect both in winter and summer.

The first picture is the real dress, in the latter pictures the dress is made from the same fabric, but has 3/4 sleeves and dark grey details. I just put the pictures in, so you see how the right sixe looks on the body. But the real one is the one with black details and long sleeves!

This is the lest piece in size L left, so if its your size - grab it :)

The size L is European size 40 - 44 (depending on your body type)

In the first picture I am wearing the one last piece in size L, so it's a bit too big for me, in the latter pictures, I am wearing size M and that wuld be the size for me. So if you are size L, the last piece left will be perfect for you!