It's International Women's Day!

Here is "the official" greeting to every Woman in The International Women's Day (in the middle of all the related posts today) <3
Dear, Women!
Please be strong, and be inspired and go and do all the things that makes you happy, and help each other, and inspire each other, love each other!
And don't ever think you are not good enaugh to do somethig!
In general - be your selves - be who ever you want to be!
For me International Women's Day is not about the greetings and flowers and chocolates! It's about honoring all the inspiring women in the world, and most importantly - around me. I love you ladies, you are such a inspiration!
here I made a little silly collage of some of the inpirational women in my life (of course not all of you are here) and the pieces I made inspired by women <3
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
And have this day as a celebration of your womenhood! A celebration of you and your strenght!
Bet your self! Have vine, or not! Go to SPA, or not! Have a ton of chocolate, or not! Have laugh with your friends, or spend the day alone! Go for a run, or not! It is your day!

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