Let's donate to Ukrainian people!

Hello my dear Lāčplēsene/ Heroine army :) Thank you for choosing to join my call to donate more to war afflicted Ukrainians. 

You already know how it works, but let me remind you - I have made 2 designs of T shirt with Lāčplēsene ir Ukrainian colors and I ask you to pay me 10 EUR (plus 3 EUR shipping, if shipping is needed) for the T-shirt, that would cover the cost of T-shirt and print. and after YOU (yourself) donate at least 20 EUR to one of the organisations that help Ukrainians in this terrible Putins Russia invasion. 

Here are few my suggestions to which organisations to donate (these are not exclusively the ones you should, but just suggestions) I gathered after asking my friends and doing a bit of a research: 

In Latvia

- For Ukrainian people - Ziedot.lv  

In Ukraine

- Help Ukranian military - donation directly to Ukranian bank 

Hospitallers  “medical battalion”, works directly on the frontline, scroll the page for info on an intermediary German bank for donations in EUR.

- Phoenix Wings  the appropriate equipment & uniform, personal non-lethal protection (vests, helmets), required treatment of the wounded soldiers, and repair of the buildings used by the army.
- Voices of children - (a charity providing psychological support to children from Donbas who have war trauma)
- Lifeline Ukraine - (a suicide prevention line providing psychological assistance for the Ukrainian war veterans)

International Organisations: 

- Women led movement Ukrainian Sisters to help single moms and generally women and elderly in Ukraine

- UNICEF - donate to children


Let me know if you have any more good suggestions!


Additional ways and reasources to help:

HERE is also a wonderful recourse to use for helping!! There you can also find a list of organisation to which to donate, some information and visual recourses. 

And there is another option. Look at these wonderful cats, I bought them as "instant download" files. All of them comes from small businesses located in Ukraine. You just go on your Etsy account, write in te search - "Instant Download Ukraine" and also go to All Filters (icon above the search results on left) and choose Shops location - custom and Write in Ukraine. Then buy some downloadable prints from artists ;) they will get your money directly :) 


Also the same option is to do it with Airbnb - choose a home owned by private person, book them for few days and pay them money for booking ;) 




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