Let me tell you about the dresses!

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Well dears, one of my new year resolutions (yes, I had a birthday recently) is to start writing blog posts again. 

When I thought abut the things I want to tell you, I immediately thought that I should tell you about the newest designs I have - about the dresses I designed and made for the current season - yes, Spring/ Summer dresses!

First of all, I am sure, if you are the follower of my work, you have noticed them, and hopefully you like them. 

When I first thinnk about the 'task to create new designs for the upcomming season, I think about versitility. I want to create more then one dress design, so that it would have my design character, but also be different from each other. 

Tho usually dresses are made in 3 sizes S, M and L, ranging from the European sizes 34 - 44, I create designs so they would look good on everyone. If someone needs dress in smaller or larger size, and I still have the fabric left, we will create the dresses in your specifc size! This is the advantage of small local busineses that items are hand made - we have more personal attitude and love each of our clients (that of course adds up to a price, but then you know shat you are paying for, right?)

As the amount of dresses I create is really small,in most cases I don't order full rolls of fabrics from factories. I find them at some special shops or wearhouses. Thais helps me to choose the fabrics more carefully. Touch them before I choose them. Most of the fabrics I choose are made from natural fibers (most commonly cotton and linen, sometimes with addition of wool, and super rarely with small addition of syntehtic or artifitial fibers).


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