THE New Dress (ENG)!


First of all - hello and I hope you are doing well! Secondly - one of my “new life’s” plans is to write a blog, so here we go! Cheers!

Thirdly - to the point!

When it seems, that anything I do, has no use, and I know that mostly it’s only in my head - I need to create. I need to experiment and think of something new that will bring joy to me and also you. This is how the new dress came into being.

I made the dress thinking about women who wants to make a statement with their outfit, wants to feel comfy but still wants to show a little bit of skin. Something that one would like to wear to a festive event, but still would wear it on week-days. The dress in size M fits to a woman starting from size small 36 till solid 42. But of course I am always happy to make bigger or smaller dresses if necessary.

When I create designs I want women to feel loved and taken care of, while wearing the, The comfort is super important (that is why the dresses always has pockets as well) but with every design I want the woman to make the statement. Tell her own story and feel even more powerful and valued.


The first sample, that you can get on my webshop - here, is made of light and a bit shiny grey woven cotton fabric. So, it is super appropriate for summer. The dress is a little hybrid, both on the stylistic and design part.  

Stylistically it’s decent cleavage and cold shoulder design makes it fun, even festive and sometimes even sexy. On the other hand its oversized nature and the long midi length makes it brave and a true statement dress, in which you show something and hide something at the same time (wink wink)  

 Practically - it is super comfy and light and the feeling while wearing it is pure happiness. I can easily imagine myself wearing it both to the festive events accessorized with high heels and red lips and for simple everyday endeavors combined with sneakers. And it goes beyond the borders of being a summer dress - wear something long sleeved underneath and some skinny jeans or leggings and becomes all season favorite.

And one more thing - I have been fairly stubborn against suggestions about creating dress for breastfeeding women, pleading that I will be designing for this group when it will be current for myself. But this dress unconsciously has become one, that fits also for breastfeeding! Chi-ching!

About the hybrid design! Those of you who know my designs might have noticed something familiar with this dress. And as sometimes you don’t have to invent new bicycle to create something good - this dress is a combo from that so much beloved cold shoulder kimono and ruffle dress. Voila!

I have a feeling that dress should be the one staying for good (at least for a season) between the best designs!

Cheers and see you next time (hopefully sooner than later),


P.S. I am really trying to avoid word “feminine”, because in my books, this word means everything that is connected with every women, doesn’t matter if the woman wears dress, pants or doesn’t wear anything at all.. That is why sensibly describing a (feminine - ha ha) dress is pretty hard! Thanks for the understanding!


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