1st episode of podcast "Lāčplēsene" with Eva Johansone

eva Lāčplēsene Podcast

First episode of my podcast is here and my first guest was oh-so-wonderful Eva Johansone.

Eva is very dear friend of mine and we know each other for about 15 years.We met at Latvian Red Cross Youth organization where we both were peer educators. Since them we have done a lot of things together and really become friends.
It would be super hard to list everything Eva has done and I won't even try, because then I definitely forget or mix up something. But all in all I can say that Eva is very inspirational and super smart woman. Besides her inner and outer beauty she is all about high performance, that is why I am super lucky to be friends with her, because that is so inspiring and hopefully rubs off a bit.

There are two reasons I asked Eva to be my first guest at this podcast. First is the cowardly reason, because she is my professional friend from TV and I am super unprofessional interviewer. And I would be more comfortable to talk to her for the first time. The second and main reason is that Eva few years ago by inviting me to her clothing swap party with her other women friends taught me the power of women friendship in a broader scale. Even going towards women solidarity. This little party taught me that you don't have to be ashamed of the socially constructed negative fact that "women ar just all about fashion and outer looks and that's all" and embrace company of other high performance women, and the end embracing the deep womanhood - you can be happy to get new dress that was owned by other inspirational women before, save money and resource and get to spend evening in wonderful and inspirational company. And at the end it is not about clothing, it is all about womanhood and making now contacts.

In our conversation Eva talks about her summer events and the reason she is at the place she is now. Eva tells that she loves vintage clothing and high quality items that last for very long time and would love to get all the plastic out of the oceans.  

Listen the podcast here down under (only in Latvian tho) or in these podcast supporting apps - SpotifyGoogle PodcastsBreakerPocket CastsRadio Public  and Stitcher. And hopefully soon in others. 


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